VS Circular Gear Flowmeters

The VS series encompasses eight meters going from 0.004 to 525 L/Min, most have a turn-down of a 1000:1 giving flow ranges of 0.004-4 L/Min for instance with a linearity of +/- 0.3% of reading. This gives unprecedented versatility, allowing one flowmeter to do the job of a cascade of meters from other manufacturers. To compliment the meters’ superb engineering there are an number of innovative add-on’s such as DLC coatings, sleeve bearings and ‘D’ shaped shafts (abrasive media), high temperature versions for 180oC (brake and gear box testing), band heaters and temperature sensors (hot-melt glue), internal & external EPDM seals and Skydrol/Hyjet proof connector (Aerospace testing), ATEX (hazardous area, intrinsically safe), high pressure (up to 700 Bar) to name but a few. 

The major attraction of these meters is our innovative and unique interpolation electronics which allows the meter factor or K factor (P/L) to be multiplied by up to 128x. Especially useful when having to use a larger meter to keep the pressure drop down on highly viscous media whilst still retaining the resolution of a smaller unit. Or, can be used to give a faster response time or greater information on leakage and zero crossing (null) points when valve testing. On the smallest meter for instance this can give up to 3.2 million pulses per Litre.

  • Flow Range: 0.004-4 to 1.5-525 L/Min in 8 ranges
  • Connections: 1/4" to 1.1/2" Subplate (BSP or NPT) or manifold mounting
  • Materials: Cast Iron or Stainless Steel body 
  • Pressure Rating: 315 Bar Max Cast Iron, 450 Bar Max Stainless Steel and 700 Bar Max HP version
  • Temperature Rating: Max 100oC VSI and 180°C VS HT
  • Output: Dual push-pull 10-28 Vdc square-wave outputs
  • Resolution: VSI models adjustable interpolation factors up to 128x meter factor (***now as standard across the range***)
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