Max Dynamic & Field Couplings

UK Flowtechnik Max Dynamic and Field Couplings are designed to provide high misalignment and low reactionary forces. They are used for applications where misalignment between the driver and driven shafts is unavoidable. The torsionally soft flexible element cushions shock loads and vibration which can be critical for extending equipment life span.

The unique halved flex element and reversible hubs reduce installation time as well as being able to be easily replaced and maintained. The assemble doesn't require lubrication and is designed to handle maximum, durability, strength and fatigue resistance. The elastromeric polyurethane material, bonded to the metal, eliminates assembly and slippage problems that often occur with other mechanically clamped designed couplings.

A Max Dynamic and Field coupling assembly includes: 2 split-in-half flex elements, 2 reversible hubs and and cap screws.  UK Flowtechnik Max Dynamic and Field Couplings are interchangeable with the industry standard products meaning each component is compatible with other brands. 

Common industrial uses for max dynamic and field couplings

UK Flowtechnik Max Dynamic and Field Couplings are used in many industries that require power/torque being transmitted from shaft to shaft as well as compensating for misalignment and shock loads. Industries such as: Cement Manufacturing, Compressors, Electrical Power, Food Processing, Generators, Hoisting/Cranes, Steel, Marine, Mining, Paper Mills, Pumping and Shipbuilding.

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