A350 High Speed Flowmeter Display especially for VSI & RS Flowmeters

This high resolution, fast response display is specifically for use with the VSE Gear and Helical Screw flowmeters (VS, RS, EF & VHM). With up to 3.2 million Pulses per Litre and output frequencies of over 100kHz these meters take a lot of keeping up with. The A350 offers a touch screen 8 digit display and high resolution analogue out with direction. Programmed via our bespoke ‘Easyloader’ software and RS232/485 communications, set up couldn’t be simpler. 

  • AC and DC powered
  • Backlit tri-coloured 8 digit touch screen display
  • Designed specifically to be used with VS, VSI/U, VSI+, RS, EF & VHM flowmeters
  • Quadrature input with direction
  • Fast response time (1mS for frequencies over 2kHz)
  • 16 bit DtoA
  • 24 point linearisation 
  • Analogue output
  • 2x relay alarms plus 4x control outputs
  • PIN protected programming
  • Touch Screen or RS232/485 programming
  • IP65 front panel
  • 96x48 Panel Mount


The following accessories are available for this product.

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RS Series Helical Screw RS Helical Gear
VHM Series Circular Gear VHM
VS Circular Gear Flowmeters VS
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