Calibration Sets

With bespoke engraved front panel and the ability to store up to 5 flowmeter calibration curves, these calibration sets from VSE/UK Flowtechnik are just the thing for verification and calibration of flowmeters on production test rigs. 

It’s not just a display in a box, with up to 3,200,000 Pulse per Litre resolution and over a 100 KHz max frequency the VS & RS Flowmeters take a lot of keeping up with. The A341 expertly compliments the more well-known VSE gear and helical screw flowmeters. Putting the two together makes calibrating production line test rig flowmeters simpler and more cost effective.

Some customer use a specially designed manifold to go in place of the test piece,  calibration can then be carried out in-situ without having to remove flowmeters from the test rig. Others have a standalone test facility, whichever you prefer a UK Flowtechnik calibration set is your ideal partner. Flows from 0.004 to 3000 L/Min and pressures up to 700 Bar can be accommodated. Calibration sets are individually calibrated on a viscosity which closely matches your operating conditions to obtain the very best performance. They also have a min/max function to monitor variation during the test as well as analogue and serial outputs for logging.

If desired the whole kit can come with its own bespoke transport case, trolley or complete test stand. Simply ask UK Flowtechnik today: 0115 9017111.


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