Panel Mount Flowmeter Displays

Designed to fit into a control panel, they can be used to display flow rate and total for any of UK Flowtechnik’s flometers with either analogue or frequency outputs. 96x48 size with large easy to view LED or backlit LCD screen and either touch key or touch screen functions. Mains (110/240 Vac) or 24 Vdc powered with a range of ancillary outputs and features such as: alarms, pulse and analogue output, serial communications, consumption, addition or ratio display/monitoring, linearisation, fast response (down to 1mSec). 

PAX2 – Analogue or frequency inputs, 90-264 Vac or 24 Vdc power, LED rate and up to 2x totalisers plus alarms, analogue outputs and serial communications. Suitable for RN, OM, EGM, Flowstat, SPX, SPT, R, PF, LTE, PE, WMP, EF, SpiraMag

A350 – Specialist high speed frequency input display specifically designed for the VSE range such as the EF, VS, VSI, VSI/U, VHM circular gear meters and RS Helical screw meters. 16-bit DtoA, 24 point linearisation, fast response (1mSec), high speed analogue output, touch screen Tri-colour display, 24 Vdc power supply.

A341 - Frequency input with fast response, dual input, programmed with up to 5 calibration curves, panel mount, LED flow rate display, alarms, user inputs, analogue output, 16-point linearisation, RS232 interface, DC powered. Suitable for use with EF, VS, VSI, VSI/U, RS & VHM flowmeters

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