Process Sensors & Instrumentation

A wide range of sensors for temperature, level, pressure and density to compliment UK Flowtechnik’s extensive range of flowmeters, along with displays and signal converters for specific applications such as: meter mounting on the OM oval gear and RN axial turbines and fast response signal conversion and display for the VS circular gear and RS helical screw flowmeters.

  • Temperature Sensor: Pt100 and Thermocouples in robust tank or pipe mount configurations.
  • Level Sensors & Switches: Top mounted TDR guided wave radar (for liquids and solids), capacitive or mechanical float type.
  • Pressure Sensors: Wide range of pressure, process connections, electrical plug styles and signal outputs.
  • Density Sensors: Density or Concentration measurement and control in industrial as well as OEM applications.
  • Data Logging & Calibration: VSE 2 channel logger and calibration master box
  • Signal Converters: DIN-Rail mounted frequency to analogue signal converters (standard industrial or ultrafast).
  • RT Displays: Flow rate and total displays (options for alarm/scaled pulsed and 4-20 mA outputs) specifically designed to be directly mounted on OM Oval Gear & RN Axial Turbine flowmeters for either Safe Area or Intrinsically Safe applications according to ATEX & IECEx.
  • Panel Mount Displays: Ultrafast models to compliment the VS Circular Gear & RS Helical Screw flowmeter with updates times as low as 1 mS. The A341 can support up to 5 calibration curves, all have linearisation and fast analogue outputs.
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