FU 210 Signal Converter for High Resolution VSI, VSI/U & RS Flowmeters

The new generation of high-resolution VSE VSI & VSI/U Circular Gear and RS Helical Screw flowmeters demand even more than the FU 252 can provide. A 16 Bit DtoA and conversion times of 1mS is what is required when the meters can have a resolution of up to 1.6 million Pulses per Litre and output frequencies up to 100 kHz. This DIN rail mounted instrument can be easily programmed via our bespoke ‘Easyloader’ software and RS232/485 communications, set up couldn’t be simpler and gives access to a whole range of additional feature such as 24 points of linearization, filtering, forward/reverse flow detection, sum/diff/ratio functions control inputs and outputs etc.


  • 18-30 Vdc
  • NPN or PNP Frequency inputs to suit: EF, VS, VSI/U, VSI+, VHM & RS flowmeters
  • 16 Bit DtoA
  • 0-10V, +/- 0-10V, 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA outputs
  • RS232/485 programming via our 'EasyLoader' software
  • Up to 25 points of linearisation


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RS Series Helical Screw RS Helical Gear
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