Taper Grid Couplings

UK Flowtechnik Taper Grid Couplings are designed for shaft to shaft connections that are compact in size, yet can handle large torque capacities due to the high strength hardened alloy steel construction. The torsional flexibility of the Grid Couplings can dampen vibration and cushion shock loads by as much as 30%.

The trapezoidal cross section design is free to rock, pivot and float, allowing misalignment without producing the detrimental side loads. The trapezoidal grids are easy to fit into the slots of the hubs and there is no need for the machinery to be moved. Along with easy maintenance due to the design, these couplings reduce installation downtime and costs as well as providing longer life time of the rotary parts and machinery.

A Grid Coupling assembly includes: 2 hubs, a grid spring element and cover kit (two cover halves, gaskets and seals). We provide double-flexing, close and spacer type grid couplings as well as horizontal and vertical split covers. UK Flowtechnik Taper Grid Couplings are interchangeable with the industry standard products meaning each component is compatible with other brands. 

Common industrial uses for grid couplings

UK Flowtechnik Grid Couplings are used in many industries that require high power/torque being transmitted from shaft to shaft as well as compensating for small misalignments. Industries such as: Blowers, Compressors, Conveyors, Cranes, Generators, Mining, Process Machinery, Pumping, Quarrying, Rubber and Steel.

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