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Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

UK Flowtechnik stock a wide range of components required to build your own motor/gear pump drive assemblies or can act as your 'one stop shop' to supply fully assembled sets.

Hydraulic Drive Components available individually or as a complete pump and motor set

Click on the hotspots to find individual drive components:

  • Foot Brackets
  • Damping Rings
  • Softex Couplings
  • Bellhousings
  • Damping Rods

Below you will find our range of hydraulic gear pumps & motors:

  • Group 1, 2 & 3 hydraulic gear pumps
  • Single or 3 phase electric motors
  • Huge stocks available for quick delivery
  • Standard or custom solutions



  • Complete Pump/Motor Sets

    Complete Pump/Motor Sets

    Complete Pump/Motor Sets

  • Hydraulic Gear Pumps Group One

    Group 1 Hydraulic Gear Pumps

    U.S & European Options

  • Group 2 hydraulic gear pumps

    Group 2 hydraulic gear pumps

    U.S & European Options

  • Group 3 Hydraulic Gear Pumps

    Group 3 hydraulic gear pumps

    US & European Options

  • Electric motors

    Electric Motors

    Single & Three Phase Options