Beinlich External Gear Dosing Pumps

The Beinlich ZP series External Gear Pumps are used for a variety of applications involving the Dosing & Delivery (Transfer) of fluids such as oils, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, dyes, paints and foods etc.  For applications as varied as simple hydraulics to single, two and multi-component machines, with varying design options to cope with:

  • Corrosive, abrasive and aggressive fluids
  • Temperatures up to 150 degrees C. as standard - Options up 350 degrees C. (application on factory review)
  • Flow rates from 0.1 to 517cc as standard  - Models also up to 2,600 cc/rev (application on factory review)
  • Pressures to 200 Bar
  • Viscosities of 0.8 - 1,000,000 mPas.


  • 1K-/2K- or multi-component dosing machines incl. PUR applications, resins, hardeners, isocyanates, polyols, phenols, additives, fats, etc.
  • Adhesive technology, including hotmelt, glues (e.g. methyl acrylate).
  • Ink and paint dosing
  • Chemical processing
  • Food/Animal Feed process industry, e.g. 'early stage' food production - transfer of food stuffs either in bulk our as a dosing additive.
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, such as lotions, shampoos, creams, oils, etc.
  • Hydraulic mineral & thermal oil applications.
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