UK Flowtechnik offer bellhousings and accessories to connect your electric motor to a hydraulic pump. Both sides of the bellhousings will be supplied machined ready for instant installation. The accessories that are offered are to help with installations or to reduce noise levels from the motor and pump. We can offer quick delivery on various bellhousings and accessories, as most items are kept on stock at our UK based warehouse.

Rigid & Damped Bellhousings

Bellhousings are used for connections betweem an electric motor to a hydraulic pump. They are used to align the shafts correctly, increasing the life expectancy of the Softex/Starex Couplings. All bellhousings are made as standard with Aluminium alloy with options in carbon steel or stainless steel on short delivery times. Inspection holes, with cover, and oil-bleed holes are available as an additional cost option. There is a selection program to choose which bellhousing and accessories are best suited to your motor and pump assembly. Our P+Calculator is available on-line or on CD ROM free of charge for easy selection of the required bellhousing and coupling.

Damping Elements

Vibration, excessive noise or even mechnical damage can occur depending on certain machine designs or loading demands. High quality damping elements such as damping rods, brackets, rings & flanges for fitting to motors, bellhousings or pumps are available to help reduce these potentially costly problems and improve overall system performance. Please use the P+Calculator selection programme to choose which damping element suits your application.

Foot Brackets

Foot brackets are used for the horizontal & vertical installation of the motor, bellhousing & pump. They can be used for both light and heavy duties with materials made from aluminium, cast iron or steel. The foot brackets have been designed so you have the option to mount them to damping rods, reducing noise and vibration levels. 

Bellhousings With Integrated Oil Air Cooler

PTÖK series bellhousing with integrated cooler to suit IEC motors from 0.55kW to 22kW. Integrated damping to reduce noise and vibration. Can be installed vertically as well as horizontally. A standard bell housing allows for connection of drive motors to pumps. Our bell housing with integrated oil cooler provides a low cost, compact solution for coupling and cooling in one, requiring no electrical installation. A fan wheel is driven directly by the motor shaft drawing air through the element cooling the oil.


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