VSE EasyLoader Software for VS, RS & EF

Realising that it should be easier to set up the A341 & A350 displays and the FU-210 converter when being used VSE’s extensive range of positive displacement flowmeters, VSE commissioned its own software package specifically designed to make setting up this secondary instrumentation ‘child’s play’. One simply selects the correct flowmeter & interpolation factor (from the label on the meter), the type of output required and the basic programming is done and it is ready to use. A second tab can then used to adjust filtering, alarm points, display colour, plus many more variables.

There is also a simplified way of putting in a linearisation table, which in the case of the A350 can be 24 lines long. You just use the information provided on the calibration certificate, no complicated spreadsheets to give error amounts or actual and theoretical values, just the frequency and the Meter factor or K factor. Programming becomes something that done in minutes, even for the A341 which supports up to 5 linearisation tables.


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