Disc Flexible Couplings

UK Flowtechnik Disc Flexible Couplings are designed to obtain the best capacity to weight ratio compared to other style couplings. They are used in heavy duty applications where high torques are generated but also when continuous alternating torques are produced from the primary mover. The couplings are designed to handle momentary torsional overloads as well as transmitting low to high speeds.

Disc Flexible Couplings are easy to assemble with quick installation for the user. Once installed, the couplings can be inspected without disassembling however when the couplings are operating, a guard is recommended to be fitted. These couplings are torsionally rigid without any backlash and have been developed so there are no wearing parts, with no lubrication required therefore reducing coupling maintenance.

Our Disc Couplings are available with 4, 6 and 8 bolt designs, with the 8 bolt design being able to transmit greater torques. UK Flowtechnik Disc Flexible couplings are interchangeable with the industry standard products meaning each component is compatible with other brands.

Common industrial uses for disc couplings

UK Flowtechnik Disc Couplings are used in many industries that require high power/torque being transmitted from shaft to shaft as well as compensating for small misalignments. Industries such as: Blowers, Chemical, Compressors, Conveyors, Generators, Hoisting/Cranes, Pumping, Rolling Mills, Rubber, Steel and Textile.

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