Power Transmission Couplings

UK Flowtechnik offer a wide variety of Power Transmission Couplings to directly connect a shaft of a prime mover to a shaft of a driven machine. The couplings transmit torque created by the prime mover to the shaft of the driven machine, while also transmitting the power during this process.

Our Power Transmission Couplings are available in many shapes and sizes, while also providing additional benefits such as, compensating for mis-alignment between the two shafts, dampening noise and vibrations as well as reducing shock loads to extend the life of the machinery equipment. High speed and sizeable torque rating applications are easily manageable with our Power Transmission Couplings.

Fully machined flexible and rigid couplings available from stock with capabilities to machine in house for no-stock or bespoke bore hubs, short delivery times are what UK Flowtechnik team pride themselves on. UK Flowtechnik offer the highest technical quality standards, comprehensive advice and reliable customer service as well as compatibility with many other major brands

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