Tyre Couplings

UK Flowtechnik Tyre Couplings are designed to provide excellent shock absorption while reducing torsional oscillations and vibration which can result in extending the life of the machinery equipment. Tyre Couplings are used for applications where the machine is subject to highly irregular torque patterns as well as being used for installations with high shaft misalignment.

The design of the tyre couplings makes practical use of a flexible, cord-reinforced rubber tyre which is clamped between flanges that mount on to connecting shafts. With no lubrication required and easy assembling, the tyre couplings are great for installations that required low maintenance.

These couplings are one of the safest due to the design, with no metal-to-metal contact even if the tyre fails. The tyres are available with standard and FRAS (Fire Resistant and Anti-static). UK Flowtechnik Tyre Couplings are interchangeable with the industry standard products meaning each component is compatible with other brands. 

Common industrial uses for tyre couplings

UK Flowtechnik Tyre Couplings are used in many industries that require power/torque being transmitted from shaft to shaft as well as compensating for misalignment and shock loads. Industries such as Cement Manufacturing, Compressors, Electrical Power, Food Processing, Generators, Hoisting/Cranes, Steel, Marine, Mining, Paper Mills, Pumping and Shipbuilding.

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