Tank Accessories

Cleaning Covers

Cleaning covers are available in a range of sizes, many of which are obtainable from stock. There are options in material such as aluminium, steel and stainless steel with the possibility of your company logo added to the casting. You also have 2 choices of cleaning covers that require no mounting holes, as they can be fastened with a central screw. All cleaning covers can be supplied with gaskets seals with different materials to suit various fluids. 

Level & Temperature Gauges

Level gauges are used for optical monitoring of the liquid level in the tanks. There are 4 sizes available from 76mm up to 254mm. They are suitable for most oils with temperature ranging from -20 to 80°C. Options include probe thermometer, electrical monitoring and gaskets made from perbunan or viton. 

Level Switches

Level Switches are used for monitoring fluid levels within the tank. Standard sizes are available from 100mm to 500mm with 1 or 2 switch contacts, extra contacts and extended dimensions are available upon request. Standard level switches are suitable for many fluids such as oils, diesel, benzine & water. Options include an additional temperature monitoring and adjustable lengths.

Desiccant & Filler Breathers

Desiccant breathers are used for humidity absorption and cleaning off the inflowing air within a reservoir. They can extend the service life of the oil and the machinery. The air filter cartridges can easily be replaced and easy capacity control of the desiccant by the colour changing from red to orange. Options include adapter plates and dust indicator. 

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