Starex® Gear Couplings

UK Flowtechnik offer Starex flexible couplings to connect two individual shafts. Starex coupling materials are steel for the hubs and polyamide nylon for the sleeve that connect the two steel hubs. UK Flowtechnik has a large stock programme which includes metric, imperial, taper and spline bores.

Starex - Standard Couplings

The Starex standard flexible couplings are used to connect one shaft to another. They can compensate small misalignments between the two shafts: axial, radial and angular. The double cardanic curved tooth gear coupling means they are interchangeable with other brands with similar designs. They are axially pluggable therefore simple to mount. Finished bore with keyway, cone and toothing means there are zero machinery involved, only easy installation. 

Starex - FL-PA Flange Couplings

Starex flange couplings are used to connect diesel/petrol engines to drive pumps with a shaft. The flange couplings connect to a standard Starex coupling for a simple plug-in installation without aligning tools required. They are made from polyamide nylon reinforced with fibre-glass therefore are torisonally rigid and maintenance free. Applications are any hydrostatic drive of construction machines, harvesters and forest machineries. 

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