Circular Gear & Helical Screw Flowmeters

Positive displacement flowmeters such as Circular Gear and Helical screw designs are ideal when high accuracy and resolution are required. Generally, they are used in two very different and distinct areas: 1) Testing components such as pumps and valves on hydraulic oils, whether mineral, synthetic or Ester based (Skydrol/Hyjet) or fuels such as Avtur. 2) Dispensing, mixing and pump ratio control of highly viscous glues, resins, paints and PU (Polyurethane) components such as Polyols and Isocyanates with or without fillers. 

For these challenging applications UK Flowtechnik has a range of innovative features such as Tungsten or Ceramic sleeve bearings, ‘D’ shaped shafts, ATEX, high pressure (700 Bar), DLC coatings, high temperature designs (to 210oC) and interpolation electronics which can give up to 128 times the resolution of a standard meter. 

  • VS: Flows from 0.002 L/Min to 525 L/Min with typically a 1000:1 turn-down, Cast Iron or Stainless Steel bodies with Ball-Race or Sleeve bearings, up to 700 Bar pressure rating, ATEX, interpolation electronics and high temperature versions, the VS is the mainstay of our Circular Gear meter range.
  • EF: Primarily designed for OEM users and uses the same gears and bearings as the more capable VS range but in a more cost effectively format. A two piece rather than the four piece body of the VS and being manufactured from Aluminium allows this meter to meet customer expectations for more cost-effective flowmeters, without compromising performance. 
  • RS: Helical Screw flowmeters take over from the Circular Gear Meters when the going get tough i.e. when the viscosity increase to a degree that you would have to use a very large VS meter to cope. With ranges from 0.04 up to 3000 L/Min, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel and high temperature versions RS flowmeters offer weight and cost savings over circular gear meters in certain applications and go to larger flow rates where a gear meter would be impractical.
  • VHM: Primarily designed for paints, these meters have a specially designed gear profile that can handle non-Newtonian, particle laden paints dyes and inks without becoming clogged. There are also ATEX versions as one expect for volatile substances and also special models for coatings that are electrostatically charged.
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