Heat Exchangers & Oil Cooling


'NEW' Series ACI Oil Air Cooler

Oil air cooler for industrial use, available in 10 different sizes. Cooling block construction (max. operating pressure 16 bar) with 1-way design, also available in 2-way or with internal bypass valve upon request. 230-400V Drive Motor (12/24 DC available on request).

Series EKM Shell/Tube Oil Cooler
Tube bundle with aluminium fins, providing up to 4 times greater cooling surface compared to a standard shell and tube cooler. Cooling capacity up to 230 kW. Extremely pressure resistant – (35 bar max). Removable end caps for easy cleaning of the water pipes. Optionally available with internal bypass valve (patented), as well as a seawater version.

Series TFSA Oil Air Cooler
Compact bypass-flow cooling unit. Combination of motor pump station and oil air cooler in a single unit that operates independently of the actual unit. Pump flange is connected directly to the motor. Extremely low-noise due to internal screw pump. Various installation positions possible. Available in 3 different sizes.

Series UKC-G Oil/Water Cooler

Especially compact design with highly efficient cooling capacity. Cost effective as well as being a space saving solution. Can be mounted into a tank or gearbox for new and existing installations. Special lengths available on request.

Series DOC Plate Heat Exchangers

DOC series of brazed plate heat exchanger is characterised mainly by its enormous level of resilience making it the ideal heat exchanger for many applications in industrial hydraulics. 6 standard types, and 30 different sizes in total. Provides a maximum cooling capacity of 360kW at pressures up to 40bar. Many parts can be delivered from stock or on short lead times

Bellhousings With Integrated Oil Air Cooler

PTÖK series bellhousing with integrated cooler to suit IEC motors from 0.55kW to 22kW. Integrated damping to reduce noise and vibration. Can be installed vertically as well as horizontally. A standard bell housing allows for connection of drive motors to pumps. Our bell housing with integrated oil cooler provides a low cost, compact solution for coupling and cooling in one, requiring no electrical installation. A fan wheel is driven directly by the motor shaft drawing air through the element cooling the oil.

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