TB-2 VSE Signal generator

To diagnose faults in complex systems you often use a technique called ‘halving’ essentially you find a path that’s not working and split in two, find which side isn’t working and then split that in two until you have isolated the fault. What if you have a flowmeter, wiring and a display or PLC, a continuity check of the wiring will only go so far. Enter the TB-2 signal generator, this cost effective handheld device simulates the VS, EF & RS VSE flowmeters, allowing for quick and simple fault finding. This essential bit of kit not only allows you to simulate a flowmeter at a single flow rate but can ramp a signal up and down effectively varying the flow rate, this can also be programmed for multiple runs. It also operates as a quick and easy check of the programming of secondary instruments such as our FU-210 signal converter or A341 & A350 displays.

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