CalFlow & LogFlow - Calibration and Data Acquisition Boxes

- cal.flow allows you to perform an easy-to-use and accurate flow calibration according to the reference principle. you can compare it with our old "calibration box", but it is much improved. You connect two flowmeters (calibrated master + meter to be calibrated) in series, set all parameters on the PC with the included software and then apply the configured flow rates sequentially. The software then produces a calibration report with all measurement results.

- log.flow is a simple, but effective data logging system. It is designed for analysis of highly dynamic flow or pressure phenomena in a hydraulic system. In the standard configuration it has the same quadrature input channels for simultaneous counting and frequency measurement. In the log.flow V and log.flow I configurations, the second channel becomes an analog input for voltage or current signals. The included easy.graph software is used for data analysis and recording.


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