Tank and Tank Heater Temperature Control

To compliment our PTHK and RHK range of tank heaters UK Flowtechnik offers a range of temperature control solutions from the simple TI08 temperature controller and TSOK tank mounted temperature sensor to bespoke, fully programable controllers in panels or wall mounted enclosures with gland cable entry and contactors. 

TV090 - An immersion controller thermostat to regulate the temperature of your heaters and coolers. Suitable for outdoor use with set points located under the housing cover. 

TI08/TSOK – Simple, easy to use solution to maintain a set temperature in a tank for one or more tank heaters (a contactor may be required for high power or multiple heaters)

PTI08 – Modular wall mount enclosure with TI08 temperature controller and pre-wired contactors to suit 1-5 single or three phase tank heaters (consult factory for pricing and design)

Bespoke – A solution customised to your needs, from week/day timers and duty/standby heaters to reduce energy consumption to complete panel/custom tank/heater builds to suit even the most demanding applications. (consult factory for this solution)

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