VHM Series Circular Gear

The VHM has a specially designed gear set which allows trouble free operation on media which contains particles such as paints, dyes and inks. Unique design features such as, petal shaped gears rotating in constant contact with each other preventing build-up,  tips and bases that are designed not to squeeze the liquid as they mesh preventing clogging, a range of different tolerances and Tungsten sleeve bearings making then an excellent choice for this difficult and demanding field. The VHM has either a single or dual square-wave signal output for safe or hazardous area operation. For electrostatically charged paints a version with a battery powered fibre optical link allows separation and isolation of the meter.

  • 0.01-1 to 0.5-20 L/Min in 5 ranges
  • Subplate (BSP or NPT) or manifold mounting
  • Stainless Steel body, Tungsten bearings
  • FEP coated FKM, NBR or PTFE seals
  • Standard, ATEX and versions for electrostatically charge media available
  • Square-wave output via standard cable or fibre optic link


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