Heat Exchangers

Series LKI Oil Air Cooler

  • Compact oil cooler with high cooling capcaity
  • Low pressure loss
  • Operating pressures up to 16 bar, testing pressure at 25 bar static (DIN 50104)
  • Low noise and vibration levels

Series TFS/A Oil Air Cooler

  • Compact bypass flow cooling unit
  • Any mounting position is possible
  • Easily retrofitted on exisiting systems
  • Low noise and vibrations levels

Series EKM Shell/Tube Oil Cooler

  • Aluminium fins and copper tubes (standard) ensure maximum levels of heat exchange
  • Large oil connectors for minimum flow resistance
  • Heat dissipation up to 230kW
  • Oil flow rates of up to 330 l/min
  • Max. pressure: oil 35 bar/water 10bar

Series UKC-G Oil/Water Cooler

  • Suitable for mounting in a tank or gearbox
  • Cost effective and space saving solution
  • Easy installation in existing threaded connections
  • Great cooling capacity
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