Oil Air Blast Coolers

UK Flowtechnik offer a range of HBE Hydraulics oil air coolers which are available in many different sizes, suitable for industrial and mobile hydraulic applications where the oil temperatures are too high for the system.

When hydraulic fluids reach a temperature of 80°C or more, the fluids will start to deteriorate much faster. Parts within the system may start to damage and the seal components will begin to fail.

'NEW' ACIP Oil Air Cooler

A cooler system with an integrated motor and pump unit which cools the oil efficiently and continuously in an offline circuit. 


  • Option to choose your own pump
  • Easy to retrofit in existing systems
  • Permissible viscosity range: 10 to 300 cSt
  • Max operating temperature at 90°C
  • Extends oil life which improves lubrication to seals and hydraulic components

'NEW' ACM Oil Air Cooler

series of oil air coolers suitable for mobile applications.


  • Various sizes available on short delivery times
  • Compact fans with 12/24V DC drive with great cooling capacity 
  • A robust protection class rated at IP68
  • Suitable for most hydraulic fluids (max 120°C)
  • Flow rates of up to 300 Litres per minute with low-pressure loss

ACI Oil Air Cooler

An oil air cooler series suitable for industrial applications.


  • Compact oil cooler with high cooling capacity
  • Flow rates of up to 600 Litres per minute with low-pressure loss
  • Operating pressures up to 16 bar, testing pressure at 25 bar static (DIN 50104)
  • Designed with axial fan blades to reduce noise levels
  • Fan housing streamlined for optimised airflow
  • Suitable for most hydraulic fluids (max 120°C)