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RN series Axial Turbine Flowmeters

Accurate Stainless steel (316 grade) Turbine Flow meters for Water, Fuels, Light Oils and Chemicals

  • RN3 series - male or female threaded BSP, NPT or Autoclave connections
  • RN4 series - ANSI150lb, ANSI300lb, PN16, PN40, BS10 flanged connections
  • RN7 series - Tri-Clamp & RJT hygienic connections

Working on the well proven turbine principle, the flow of liquid acts against the angled surfaces of a set of precision turbine blades causing them to rotate. The movement of the tip of each blade is detected by a sensor located in the body of the meter. This is then converted into a pulsed signal, the frequency of which is proportional to the flow rate through the meter.

A high pressure rating of up to 345 bar (up to 690 bar on request) and temperature rating of 110°C make this unit perfect for many industries. Available in 12 sizes from 1.2 L/min up to 9000 L/min with screwed or flanged connections, means there is a unit to meet your requirements. A millivolt sinewave, amplified squarewave or 4-20mA analogue signal is available.

There is also a choice of a head mounted LCD rate / totaliser. Accuracy is ±0.5% of reading and each turbine is supplied with its own calibration certificate. A full range of electronic data loggers and panel mounted displays are available to accompany these turbines. For more information go to the instrumentation section.