CV (ClearView) Series OEM flow meters

These OEM flowmeters are cost effective and ideal for cooling water application such as those found on moulding and casting machines or for balancing heating and cooling circuits. They are moulded in clear Polycarbonate or Polysulfone and have a distinctive white float with a black line to indicate flow against a linear scale, taking the guess work out of looking over the top of the float and reducing parallax errors. With union ends and threaded connections in Polysulfone (for economy or demin water applications) or Brass for durability the CV series is simple to install and maintain. The bonus of the see-through body is the ability to monitor the fluid condition without having to install a separate sight glass. 

For oil applications the CV Series can be used for return lines, case drains or low-pressure bearing lubrication. They are viscosity compensated up to 105 cSt which means most common grades of hydraulic oil such as ISO VG32 and 46 at ambient temperatures and above can be measured.

  • Measuring Range: 5-110 L/Min in four ranges, Scales for water and oil
  • Connections: ½” to 1” BSP or NPT female connections in Brass or Polysulfone
  • Body Material: Polycarbonate or Polysulfone body
  • Pressure: Max 22.4 Bar
  • Temperature: Max 93oC (Polycarbonate), 121oC (Polysulfone)
  • Mounting: Horizontally or vertically
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