Variable Area Flowmeters

UK Flowtechnik’s modern take on Variable Area flowmeters uses a spring-loaded cylindrical float in a cylindrical housing and a conical centre section providing the Variable Area. The unique part is the addition of a sharp-edged orifice to the float giving viscosity compensation making them idea for the measurement of hydraulic oils. This simple system also allows the same design to be used on gases and water like liquids with only a different scale. Apart from the CV (ClearView) series, all units are machined from Aluminium, Brass or Stainless Steel with the latter giving pressure ratings up to 414 (6,000 PSI). The floats movement within the tube is transmitted via a magnetic couple to a white indicator ring with a clearly marked black line which can then be read against the scale, reducing any parallax error to a minimum. The clear scale plate can be rotated round the axis of the meter (apart from M, N & R where it is fixed because of their square housing) so that it is always conveniently placed for good viewing.


  • CV (ClearView) Series: OEM version in either clear Polycarbonate or Polysulfone making them ideal for cooling water or lubrication circuits where a single machine may have multiple measuring points such as water cooled casting or moulding machines.
  • C (Case Drain) Series: Designed to monitor pump performance, these meters are fitted on the low pressure return and are available in Aluminium making them cost effective
  • B (Basic Inline) Series: The ‘go to’ meter for most hydraulic application with two versions up to 241 Bar and then 414 Bar. Available in 13 ranges up to 550 L/Min and 2” in size. Water scales are also available.
  • B-BI (Bi-Directional) Series: A version of the highly successful B Series flowmeter with the float placed in the middle of the tube allowing it to move in both directions measuring forward and reverse flows making ideal for hydraulic cylinder monitoring.
  • M & N (Flow Switch) Series: A version of the highly successful B Series meter but fitted with either 1 or 2 micro-switch alarm points making them idea for pump protection or shutting down a machine if the lubrication fails.
  • R (Flow Transmitter) Series: A continuation of the B Series meter but with 0-5V, 4-20 mA and frequency outputs proportional to flow rate.
  • H & J (High Temperature) Series: For high temperature applications such as gear boxes and heat transfer fluids the H version can go up to 204oC and the J version 315oC.
  • P (Phosphate Ester) Series: Designed for use with aerospace hydraulic fluids such as Skydrol, Hyjet as well as fire-retardant fluids such as Pydraul, Fyrquel and Houghton 900 series.
  • G (Gases) Series: Ideal for use on all types of compressors to monitor performance and check for leaks, they are scaled at 7 Bar and can be used for air or Nitrogen with SCFM or SLPS scales.
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