Variable Area Flowmeters

UK Flowtechnik’s Variable Area flowmeters use a version of the classic design which goes right back to the 19th Century. Instead of using a conical outer tube, this modern design uses a cylindrical float in a cylindrical housing and a conical centre section providing the Variable Area. The unique part is the addition of a sharp-edged orifice to give viscosity compensation allowing the same style of meter to be used on gases, water like liquids and oils. 

CV (ClearView) Series: OEM version in either clear Polycarbonate or Polysulfone making them ideal for cooling water or lubrication circuits where a single machine may have multiple measuring points such as water cooled casting or moulding machines.

C (Case Drain) Series: Designed to monitor pump performance, these meters are fitted on the low pressure return and are available in Aluminium making them cost effective

B (Basic Inline) Series: The ‘go to’ meter for most hydraulic application with two versions up to 241 Bar and then 414 Bar. Available in 13 ranges up to 550 L/Min and 2” in size. Water scales are also available.

B-BI (Bi-Directional) Series: A version of the highly successful B Series flowmeter with the float placed in the middle of the tube allowing it to move in both directions measuring forward and reverse flows making ideal for hydraulic cylinder monitoring.

M & N (Flow Switch) Series: A version of the highly successful B Series meter but fitted with either 1 or 2 micro-switch alarm points making them idea for pump protection or shutting down a machine if the lubrication fails.

R (Flow Transmitter) Series: A continuation of the B Series meter but with 0-5V, 4-20 mA and frequency outputs proportional to flow rate

H & J (High Temperature) Series: For high temperature applications such as gear boxes and heat transfer fluids the H version can go up to 204oC and the J version 315oC

P (Phosphate Ester) Series: Designed for use with aerospace hydraulic fluids such as Skydrol, Hyjet as well as fire-retardant fluids such as Pydraul, Fyrquel and Houghton 900 series.

G (Gases) Series: Ideal for use on all types of compressors to monitor performance and check for leaks, they are scaled at 7 Bar and can be used for air or Nitrogen with SCFM or SLPS scales

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