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For more than 4000 pumps from around 150 manufacturers, IEC, US-NEMA and Japanese standard electric motors, servo motors and petrol engines, the online P+ Calculator is the perfect solution. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the designer is able to generate the correct motor and pump combination in just a few clicks. Small changes to the input data are immediately recalculated and display of the correct components, without having to restart the whole selection process.

In the latest version of the redesigned online P+Calculator you have now the possibility to choose Stainless Steel bellhousings as well as Aluminium and Carbon Steel. Also, thanks to the innovation of the "ATEX" button, the P+Calculator is able to produce the online selection of ATEX-approved combinations. Quick and easy calculations can be made by the designer for all of your applications. Specific product information and order codesare displayed during the design phase. The drawings are on hand in PDF, 2D or 3D format and can also be printed immediately. For transfer to your CAD system the output as a DXF or STP file is possible.

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