424 Dual (Two) Stage Batch Controller

The 424 is an advanced Batch Controller with a whole host of additional which allows it to handle most general batching operation and can be controlled via the front panel keys, remote keys or via RS232/485 communications. With two output relays it allows for slow start-up and/or slow shutdown or the batch to reduce foaming/overflow and increase fill precision. All front panel keys can be duplicated remotely with momentary switches allowing easier use with gloved hands or providing more than one stop/reset switch for instance. The Serial communications facility can be used to talk directly to a PLC or for a ticket printer which can be printed at the end of each batch

  • 144x72mm Panel Mount
  • 12-28.5 Vdc or 100-240 Vac Power Supply
  • 2x 250 Vac/30Vdc 5A, 1250 VA Relays
  • Accepts most industry standard flowmeter frequency outputs: Reed Switch, NPN, PNP, CMOS or TTL, mV Sine-Wave and Namur
  • Features: Automatic Overrun Compensation, Batch Limit, Signal Time-out, Remote Start/Stop, Auto Restart, Count Up/Down, End of Batch Signal, Pulse & 4-20 mA Outputs, RS232/485 Communications
  • IP65 Front Panel with Optional Field Mount and Explosion Proof Enclosures
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