Flomec meters help monitor fuel generators

  • application case study

Company Type: Power CompanyMarket: Fossil/Hydro/OtherApplication Category: MonitoringModel Number: OM025P001-822

APPLICATIONA generator used to produce power has a recirculating fuel supply that provides more fuel to the injectors than is consumed, resulting in a fuel return. Determining actual consumption required subtracting the return volume from the supply volume. This required two meters that matched the flow range of the fuel supply/return.

PROBLEMThe customer needed to monitor the consumption rate of the generator from a remote location. A more accurate way of calculating service charges was desired. An example of this is actual use versus time.

SOLUTIONA pulse output to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) allowed for communication to the remote location. Using FLOMEC OM Series meters, service charges could be base don the actual amount of fuel burned instead of other, less accurate measures.