Calibration Set with Density Correction

  • calibration
  • custom-made
  • VSE circular gear flow meters

If the fuel pumps you are testing have an output in pounds per hour because they are for use in aviation, how can you ensure your test meters are correct when most people's calibration rigs are based on volumetric units such as litres per minute?

The answer is simple. UK Flowtechnik has a bespoke solution which can be tailored to your needs.

The example pictured uses VSE Volumtechnik GmbH's incredible Circular Gear (low flow) and Helical Screw (high flow) meters covering a range of 0.004-120 L/Min, each with 20 points of linearisation, 3x density correction tables to allow for different fluids and their expansion properties and a temperature sensor so the display will always be in true Mass.

Additional features include data logging, accessed via the front panel serial port, meaning you will never miss a point or fail to have traceability. A very useful, impressive calibration set, allowing in situ to be done when and where required. Do you need one? 

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