Fuel Consumption Flowmeters and Kits

Whether it is an engine test cell, everyday fuel consumption of vehicles, monitoring of remote generator sets or even factory boilers, UK Flowtechnik has a flowmeter or complete system to suit. Larger generator sets can use the OM range of meters coupled with the FCS’s differential display to provide consumption monitoring on lines up to 4” in size

EGM – These OEM flowmeters are ideal for vehicle, marine, generator or boiler fuel consumption monitoring either used in pairs in the flow and return lines or singly if a day-tank is fitted. Special feature include: bi-stable sensor system to eliminate double counting on pulsating flows and an in-built temperature sensor to allow for temperature compensation.

FCS - Fuel Consumption System, packed as a complete set of the most important items you need for a complete fuel consumption monitoring system for either marine (Stainless Steel flowmeters) or terrestrial (Aluminium flowmeters) applications the kit comes with 2x flowmeters with inbuilt temperature sensors, 1x differential display with diesel temperature compensation function plus accessories like strainers and brackets. There are 4 sizes to cover the most common applications.

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