D Series

The ‘D’ in D-Series stands for ‘DIN’, recognising that although the F-Series can be panel mounted, customers often prefer to go with DIN Standard size displays. Fluidwell have produced a selected number of the F-Series, but with smaller case fronts for panel mounting. It is the same rugged and reliable electronics, just with an IP66/67 aluminium 9/32 DIN (144mm x 72mm) front panel. With a range of frequency input flow displays with indication of flow rate, dual total, pulse and alarm outputs to universal analogue input indicators for temperature, level, pressure, speed and much more. That’s all without mentioning the very nice and neat single stage batch controller with great features like relays, maximum batch limit and automatic overrun compensation. This versatile panel mount indicator allows you to have flow, pressure and temperature for instance, all displayed with similar looking instruments, giving you a professional looking panel.

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