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Vortex, Nutating Disc & Differential

A range of other flowmeter technologies offered by UK Flowtechnik Ltd including:-

  • Vortex Meters for Steam, Vapour & Liquid flow measurement
  • Nutating Disc positive displacement meters for economical and repeatable accurate measurement of chemicals & fuels
  • Pressure Differential flowmeters for water flow rate measurement.

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  • Vortex Flow Meters

    VA series Vortex Flow Meters
    Steam, vapours and liquids can be measured equally well with Vortex Flow Meters.

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  • Nutating Disc

    Nutating Disc Flowmeters
    Positive Displacement flowmeter range for economic repeatable measurement of fuels, oils and chemicals.

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  • Pressure differential

    Pressure differential
    Minimally invasive, low cost segmented wedge flow sensor. Used to monitor and control process water.

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  • Paddle Flow Switch

    PSF50 Low Cost Stainless Steel Insertion Paddle Flow Switch
    An economically priced flow/no flow paddle operated flow switch.

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