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  • UK Flowtechnik's Magnetic Couplings Look to Break a World-Record


    To be the first to achieve something no-one has done before is quite something, to be the first to achieve something after 27 failed attempts takes iron determination and an unwavering self-belief.

  • New Baby RS Flowmeter


    UK Flowtechnik is proud to announce the arrival of a new addition to the RS Helical Screw Flowmeter family, the smallest yet, the RS40 Helical Screw Flowmeter.

  • Custom-made Axial Turbine flowmeters help strainer manufacturer


    A major manufacturer of strainers had a dilemma, how to make our existing RN3/RN4 Axial Turbine flowmeters, thinner, easier to install, more cost effective and yet not compromise their performance whilst being used on Seawater?

  • How Oval Gear Meters Operate in Hazardous Areas


    Hazardous Area Meters
    Specifying the correct flow meter for use in areas with explosive atmospheres is complex and critical to get right from a safety and regulatory view. This Tech Corner defines what a hazardous area is, the types of hazard reduction philosophies available with Oval Gear meters and the factors that affect the choice of hazard reduction method. Installation of hazardous area meters and instrumentation should be undertaken by personnel authorised under local regulations. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that any hazardous area application complies with local safety regulations and installation of hazardous area meters and instrumentation should be undertaken by appropriately authorised personnel.

  • Metering mixing and dispensing machine manufacturer doses & dispenses to success


    Dispensing Liquids - a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of meter, mix and dispense machines have specified Beinlich external gear pumps as the pump of choice for the past two decades. Dispensing Liquids require pumps that can dispense a wide range of fluids to meet their customers specifications and only Beinlich pumps can reliably deliver this.

    One of their most popular machines is built around Beinlich external gear pumps to dispense a 0.5 gram shot to 60 litres. The machine is used for static, rotary static or dynamic mixing. 

  • UK Flowtechnik shows depth of expertise


    With the ever increasing complexity of subsea operations, hydraulics plan an increasing vital part in operations at depth. Safety devices, ROV's and valves all rely on this high pressure power source to function. So when you are operating at 3000m depth, how can you tell if your robot arm, thruster or valve is working? Drawing on 25 years of instrument experience, UK Flowtechnik have developed versions of its standard axial turbine and oval gear flow meters to tackle this salty issue.