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Process Level Sensors & Switches

A range of level sensors & switches to suit all budgets and technical requirements including:-

  • Guided wave radar level probes
  • Mechanical float type
  • Hydrostatic level probes

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  • Guided Wave radar

    Guided Wave radar
    Guided Wave Radar Level Sensors with Rod, Coaxial or Wire Rope probes for accurate level measurement of liquids or solids up to 20000mm

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  • Float Level Switches

    Float Level Switches
    A series of economic versatile float level switches for liquid level control.

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  • Float Level Transmitter

    LCSF100 Float Level Transmitter with 4-20mA output and optional level display with relay outputs.

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  • Hydrostatic Level Sensors

    LCSP Hydrostatic Level Sensor
    Level Sensors with no moving parts, measuring level by pressure change of the measured media volume.

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