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Cooling water flow meters

Flow meters recommended for use with colling water, if you require any further help or information then please contact us.

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  • Basic Inline Series Flow meter

    B, G, H, J & P Series Variable Area Flowmeters
    B, G, H, J & P Series Variable Area Flowmeters are universal flowmeters for a huge range of media types & applications.

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  • PE Series Low Flow

    PE102 Low Flow PVDF mag meter
    Low flow magnetic inductive flowmeters in PVDF construction especially suitable for chemically aggressive media or pharmaceutical applications

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  • RN series High Accuracy

    RN series Stainless Steel Turbine Flow meters
    High quality stainless steel turbine flowmeters for water, fuels, light oils & chemicals with threaded, flanged or hygienic connections.

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  • TM Series PVC Water Flowmeters

    TM series water meter
    TM Series PVC Water Flowmeters with Battery Powered Digital Display, 1/2" to 4" NPT, BSP (to 2") or socket weld connections.

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  • EX80 Series Insertion

    EX80 mag meter
    EX80 Series Insertion Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters for pipe sizes 1” to 12”, Weld-on, Saddle or Tee Fittings to Suit Most Pipe Work

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  • SPX, SPT & SES series

    SPX, SPT & SES series Pelton wheel Flowmeters
    The SPX, SPT and SES single jet meters provide accurate, wide range flow metering in an extremely rugged stainless steel package.

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  • TP series High Flow

    TP Turbopulse axial turbine flowmeters
    TP Turbopulse axial turbine made from stainless steel suitable for large pipe diameters from 1/2" up to 20". ATEX and custody transfer versions available.

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  • Conical Tube Float

    M series conical tube variable area flowmeters
    The M series of variable area flowmeters provide medium to high flow rate indication of low viscosity liquids and gases.

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  • DP Series Insertion Type

    DP Insertion Pelton wheel flowmeters
    Cost effective stainless steel flowmeters for measuring the flow of water, fuels and other low viscosity liquids in pipe sizes from 1.5" to 100" (40 to 2500mm).

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  • Plexiglass Float

    M10 & M11 Series OEM Plexiglas Variable Area Flowmeter
    M10 & M11 flowmeters work on the float principle and are used to economically measure water or gas flow rate in closed pipelines.

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