WMX series steel mag meter

This product is now discontinued.
Please see our FN series Large Industrial Mag Flow Meters range.

WMX Series, Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters, Battery or DC Powered, 4” to 10” Pipe Sizes

Magnetic Inductive or EMF flowmeters use the principles described by Faraday to derive the velocity of a conductive liquid flowing through a magnetic field. The WMX Series transposes this principle into a rugged body specifically designed for industrial and agricultural applications; making it as simple as a mechanical water meter but with no moving parts, that’s ideally suited to large diameter cooling water, waste water, bore hole water or irrigation applications

  • Measuring range: 0.75 to 220.8 l/sec
  • Connections: 4” to 10” ANSI 150 LB Flanges
  • Power supply: Internal battery (WMX104) or external DC powered (WMX101) options
  • Linearity: better than ±1% FSD
  • Minimum conductivity: down to 20µs/cm
  • Temperature rating: up to 74ºC
  • Construction: Steel body, Stainless Steel electrodes, Rubber liner
  • Housing: IP65 Diecast Aluminium
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