WMX 101 Series DC powered Mag Flowmeters

WMX 101 Series, Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters, DC Powered, 4” to 10” Pipe Sizes, Integral Display

The WMX 101 Series transposes Faraday’s principles into a rugged body specifically designed for industrial and agricultural applications; making it as simple as a mechanical water-meter but with no moving parts, that’s ideally suited to large diameter cooling water, waste water, bore-hole water or irrigation applications

Measuring range: 0.75 to 220.8 l/sec
Connections: 4” to 10” ANSI 150 LB Flanges
Power supply: 7-32 Vdc
Linearity: better than ±1% FSD
Minimum conductivity: down to 20µs/cm
Pressure rating: Max 10 bar
Temperature rating: up to 74ºC
Construction: Epoxy coated Steel body, Stainless Steel electrodes, Rubber liner
Housing: IP65 Diecast Aluminium
Display: 6 digital rate & 8 digit total scaled in engineering units
Output: scaled pulsed output

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