Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex flowmeters are ideal for the measurement of low viscosity liquids, especially those like Demineralised (demin), RO (reverse osmosis) or Deionised water and low percentage water glycols that magnetic inductive meters struggle because of poor conductivity. This makes them ideal for demin cooling circuits on casting or moulding machines where an output for an alarm or analogue signal for monitoring is desired to keep the machine running at it optimum and help schedule maintenance.


  • PF3W: 0.5-250 L/Min in 5 ranges with 3/8” to 1.1/2” thread sizes. All sizes feature a rotatable backlit LCD digital display of flow rate and total with either 2x transistorised (NPN or PNP) switches or a switch (NPN or PNP) and an analogue output (1-5V or 4-20 mA).
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