Ultrasonic Inline Flowmeters

Both of UK Flowtechnik’s ultrasonic flowmeters use the same basic principle and are of the transit time versions. The operation of Ultrasonic transit time flowmeters can be compared to someone walking in a river between two points. Walking downstream with the current will take less time to cover the distance than walking upstream against the current; from the difference in time, we can derive the velocity the river is flowing at. In flowmeters an ultrasonic beam is directed between two points, first one way then the reverse. The difference in time taken or transit time, allows us to derive the velocity of the fluid flow. This can then be calculated with the area of the pipe to give a volumetric flow. Once the key variables are allowed for, accurate and reliable flow measurement is possible. We offer solutions using this principle in two ways:


  • QS200: 1” to 4” in-line PVC solvent weld body with fixed sensor to give a robust, reliable water meter with Namur pulsed output.
  • SL1278P: Non-invasive sensors & handheld battery powered instrument which clamps onto the outside of a pipe (1-48” or DN25-DN1200 in diameter) for portable flow, volume measurement and data logging.
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