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TI08 Tank Temperature Display and Controller

Designed to complement UK Flowtechnik’s range of PTHK and RHK tank heaters the TI08 provides, when used with the TSOK Temperature Sensor a cost effective means of maintaining a set temperature. Panel Mount with a highly visible LED digits, one its relays can be used to control the tank heater(s) with the other providing a high or low temperature alarm (if desired). Easily programable via the front panel keys with adjustable set points, hysteresis, filter and on/off delay.

  • For the PTHK and RHK range (will work with others, consult UK Flowtechnik)
  • Controls the heater directly or via a contactor for larger heaters
  • Display of actual temperature
  • Simple to operate
  • Access control to prevent changes
  • 24 Vdc or 90-250 Vac models