SRZ series helical screw flow meters

This product is now discontinued.
Please see our RS series helical screw geared flow meters range.

Two highly accurate cycloid-shaped screw spindles mesh and rotate inside acylindrical housing with two overlapping holes in the form of a figure of 8, which forms the measuring chamber. The medium flows in an axial direction and rotates the spindles. It is forced along the measuring chamber bores by the profile of the spindles. This happens without pulsation and with minimum leakage. A pickup will inductively detect the speed of the spindle pair through the housing via a pole wheel with a high number of gears.

• Wide measuring ranges from 0.4 to 400 l/min
• Suitable for pressures up to 400 bar
• Largely independent of viscosity, perfect for 30 up to 10,000,000 mm²/s
• Low pressure drop compared with other positive displacement meters
• Double pulse rate and reverse flow detection possible
• Pulsation free measurement, non sensitive to pulsating flows
• Ex-protection EExiaIICT6 for zone 1
• Resistant to corrosion by advanced materials and bearings
• Low operating noise

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