SPT Pelton Wheel Flowmeter in PTFE

With its PTFE/PVDF construction and non-metallic bearings and axle the SPT is specifically designed for highly corrosive acids and bases, measure, monitor or batch these are the ones. Ruby bearings allow an extended flow range with excellent service life. The non-contact Hall effect pick up system gives a robust NPN square-wave output suitable for most displays, plc’s etc or can be easily changed to an analogue Voltage/Current with one of our signal converters.

  • 0.26 -151 L/Min in four ranges
  • 3/8”, ½”, ¾” and 1” BSP female connections
  • PTFE complete body with PTFE coated Viton seal
  • PVDF rotor
  • Sapphire or Silicon Carbide axle
  • Max 10 Bar
  • Max 82oC
  • Ruby bearings for long life
  • NPN pulsed output
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