SOFTEX® ES (Type 6.0P)

  • High precision, zero backlash shaft connection under high friction torque
  • Developed for High speed Short and Multi spindles aacording to DIN 69002
  • High speed applications with good stability even at 75 m/s peripheral speed
  • Capable for ATEX explosion protection applications (when considering the selection in accordance with the influence of high friction torques)
  • Easy assembly with axial direction from inside hubs by internal clamping screws
  • Spiders 98° SH A or 64°SH D incl. bore required
  • ISO fit H6
  • Hub and Clamping ring made of 42CrMo4

Sizes (standard bores) & Options

  • 14P (14mm)
  • 19P (19mm)
  • 24P (25mm)
  • 28P (35mm)
  • 38P (40mm)
  • 42P (42mm)
  • 48P (45mm)
  • 55P (55mm)

Different spider Shore Hardnesses: 98Sh-A and 64Sh-D

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