Servo Couplings

SOFTEX® ES Backlash free couplings with clamping ring hubs for high speed servo motor applications such as machine tools and spindle drives. 


  • Zero backlash shaft connection under high friction torque. 
  • For Servo motor applications such as main spindle drives of machine tools and heavy load of presses
  • High speed applications with good stability even at 40 m/s peripheral speed
  • Capable for ATEX explosion protection applications (when considering the selection in accordance with the influence of high friction torques)
  • Easy assembly with axial direction by internal clamping screws
  • ISO fit H7 upto ø 50 mm finish bore and ISO fit G7 over ø 50 mm
  • Material : Hubs - aluminium / Clamping Ring - steel. Alternative both in steel clamping ring ST52.3 (SS450)
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