RT 40 Flowmeter or Wall Mount Display

The RT40 is specifically designed for displaying flow rates and totals from flowmeters with frequency outputs. A robust aluminium or GRN housing and acrylic front cover make it suitable for industrial and mobile applications. The instrument displays re-settable (batch) total, cumulative total and instantaneous flow rate in engineering units programmable by the user.

  • Large backlit** LCD screen displaying 5-digit flow rate, 6-digit resettable total, and 8-digit cumulative total
  • Battery or externally powered; battery lifespan is 3 years, approximately**
  • Robust IP66 Aluminium or GRN
  • Scaled pulse output**
  • PIN protected programming with simple programming flowchart
  • Flowmeter and pipe mount kits available

**External power required


The following accessories are available for this product.

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