Flomec RT 40 Flowmeter or Wall Mount Display

The Flomec RT40 is specifically designed for displaying flow rates and totals from flowmeters with frequency outputs and is ideal for used with the Floc range of oval gear flowmeters, where it can be directly mounted on the OM series meters. A heavy duty IP65 Glass Reinforced Nylon or powder coated Aluminium housing makes it suitable for industrial and mobile applications. The instrument displays re-settable (batch) total, cumulative total and instantaneous flow rate in engineering units programmable by the user.

  • Large backlit** LCD screen displaying 6-digit top line (17mm high) and 8-digit bottom line (7mm high)
  • Battery (lifespan approximately 5 years) or externally powered (with 12 Vdc sensor supply)
  • Quadrature input to show direction of flow or 'count up' or 'count down'
  • 5 Points of linearisation
  • Robust IP66/67 GRN or IP66 powder coated Aluminium housing
  • Scaled/unscaled (max 100Hz) pulse output or High/Low alarm**
  • PIN protected programming with simple programming flowchart
  • Flowmeter and pipe mount kits available

**External power required


The following accessories are available for this product.

Product Order code
OM Small.png OM Small OM Small
Flomec OM Medium Oval Gear Flowmeter OM Medium
OM-large.png OM Large OM Large
OM HP flow meter OM High Pressure OM HP
OM Chem OM Chem
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