QS200 Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Originally designed as a drop in replacement for existing insertion paddle wheel sensors in irrigation, storm water and grey water installations. Its big advantage being that it has no moving part to wear or get clogged up, it also offers a lower bottom end allowing lower leak rates to be detected, down to 300 mL/Min in a 1” pipe for instance. Being designed for irrigation and water systems from the outset it is completely encapsulated allowing fitting in underground manholes without the need for further IP protection. Its simple rugged construction and cost effective price makes it attractive for the wider market for cooling water monitoring or small batching systems when used in conjunction with the Fluidwell range of displays and batch controllers.


  • Sizes: 1”, 1.1/2”, 2”, 3” & 4”
  • Connections Style: solvent weld in-line Tee
  • Body Materials: PVC
  • Sensor Material: PPS
  • Sensor Windows: PEI
  • Pressure: max 14 bar (10 bar at 60oC)
  • Temperature: up to 60°C
  • Power Supply: 7.5-36 Vdc
  • iP rating: 68
  • Output: Namur scaled pulse
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