PAX 2 Panel Mount Flowmeter Display for OM, RN & EF Flowmeters

The PAX2 panel mount display comes in two version to suit frequency or analogue output flowmeters and can be used with all of UK Flowtechnik’s flowmeters with an electronic signal output. The front panel has a two line display with the first line being tri-coloured (green, red or orange) which can be programmed to show flow rate (A, B or C), total (A, B or C) or min/max value. Can be used with two flowmeters to show consumption, addition or ratio, with additional plug-in cards for alarms, analogue outputs (0-10V or 0(4)-20 mA output or serial communications (RS232/485, DeviceNet, Modbus or Profibus)


  • DC or AC powered
  • Tri-colour backlit dual line display
  • Can be used with: TM, G2, RN, OM, EGM, Flowstat, IP, DP, SPX, SPT, R, PF, LTE, PE, EX, WMP, EF, SpiraMag
  • Display of dual flow rate, dual total or flow rate and total
  • Version for Analogue or Frequency input
  • Scaled pulse output (digital input model)
  • 10 point (digital I/P) or 16 point (analogue I/P) linearisation 
  • Optional plug in cards for alarms, analogue outputs and serial communications
  • PIN protected programming
  • Push button or USB programming
  • IP65 front panel
  • 96x48 Panel Mount
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